Peneraju Transformasi Digital

Frequently Asked Question

If I want to apply the new system, what are the procedure?

Application development application systems can be made by completing the Application Form For New System Application (UKM-PTM-B(DA)01) to complete together with the documents specified in the form. MTA will consider the application for application systems that meet the following criteria:

or call 03-89216150 (Application Division) for further information.

My computer is infected with a virus. What should I do?

Customers need to bring the computer to the PTM service counter for analysis and removal of the virus or call 03-89217070 (Service Counter) for further information.

We want to provide the opening that requires a multimedia presentation. How do i apply?

Application can be made thru http://www.ukm.my/multimedia or call 03-8921 7052 (Multimedia Division) for more information

I’m having network problems in college my room. To whom I can contact?

Customers can call 03-8921 6134 (Network Management Division) or email to rangkaian@ptm.ukm.my

I have developed a website and wish to register under the University domain. How do i register?

All employees are eligible to apply for an account UKM-based web sites either for faculty / centers / institutes, departments, research, associations, seminars / workshops, committee of the university, college or private residence. Each user (webmaster) must comply with the guidelines prescribed. More information refer http://padat.ukm.my/perkhidmatan.php

I’m having technical problems on SPIN. Who should I contact to resolve this problem?

Please contact the Division of Multimedia and Educational Technology 03-89217006/6153 or email to spinbangi@ukm.my for Bangi campus or spinkkl@ukm.my for Kuala Lumpur campus

I want to use the Turnitin software. How do I register?

Please refer to the means of registration http://www.ukm.my/turnitin

I am a new staff of UKM and want to know the procedure to create new computer applications.

Academic Staff

  1. Application is made through e-Application system computer. http://www.ukm.my/ekomputer
  2. The system will send an email to the Dean / Head of personnel to inform the application.
  3. Dean / Head of Department must certify the application to enable the secretariat to process the application.
  4. The system will send emails either Certified / Not recommended to the applicant.

Non-Academic Staff

  1. Head of Department / Principal Assistant Registrar / Senior Assistant Registrar / Assistant Registrar to make an application for staff under his responsibility.
  2. Computer Application Form which can be accessed through the web http://www.ukm.my/ptm and click on the Download> Form PTM.
  3. The completed form should be sent to the Director, Pusat Teknologi Maklumat.

If I forgot my pin number of students (NPP), with whom I have to enquire ?

Students can get the pin no SMPWEB students through the Forgot Password link or contact 03-8921 6433 (Operational Unit) for assistance.

If I forgot my password for e-Warga, how can i retrieve it?

Employees can call 03-8921 6129 (Application of Human Resources Unit) for assistance.